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Who We Are and What We Do

The Calgary Regional Consortium (CRC) is one of seven regional Consortia that together make up the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia (ARPDC). The consortia were established to provide professional development and training opportunities which address the learning needs of K-12 teachers, administrators, educational assistants, support staff, pre-service teachers, parents and school trustees in Calgary and the surrounding areas for the ultimate purpose of enhancing practice and improving student achievement.


One Approach Will Never Fit Every Student

As educators ourselves, we know how challenging teaching can be. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted with an increasingly complex society, rapidly changing expectations and an incredibly diverse classroom. We need community, support, and new tools which can adapt to these challenges. And this is why we’re here. 

We offer PD created by educational experts with actionable, research-based strategies that can meet a wide range of educational needs.

Learning Pathways

  • In-person or online: learning opportunities that vary in length from one hour to multiple days
  • Recordings: available for the majority of our webinars
  • eCourses: self-paced, online learning
  • PD Playlists: downloadable resources to use alone or with your team
  • Customized learning: learning designed collaboratively with you that happens in your school or district
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Because You Matter

We are here to support you in finding learning that meets your needs.  We strive to have you leave each session with practical tools and strategies that you can apply in your classroom the very next day.

  • Opportunities To Match Your Schedule
  • We Bring The Experts to You
  • Cost-effective PD


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We work collaboratively with our School Districts, Charter Schools, Independent Schools, First Nations School Authorities and Post-Secondary institutions in Zone 5 to design, develop and deliver PD rooted in educational research and promising practices to meet a wide range of educational needs.

Working with our colleagues we have achieved the following:

  • 96%+ satisfaction rate over the past 25+ years
  • 130,000+ learning hours every year
  • 400+ learning opportunities offered every year
  • 1,200+ schools served yearly

With Teachers Spending Every Day Supporting Students, We Spend our Days Supporting Teachers

Our Team

Wilma Jamieson


Wanda Dechant

Designer of Professional Learning

Kim Tackaberry

Designer of Professional Learning

Cheryl Babin

Designer of Professional Learning

Mary Clark

Program Coordinator

Christina Somerville

Registration Coordinator

Christele Barbini

Financial Coordinator

Shannon Whalen

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Plans & Reports


Calgary Board of Education
Calgary Catholic School District
Canadian Rockies
Christ the Redeemer
Foothills School Division
Golden Hills
Prairie Land
Rocky View Schools
Siksika Board of Education
Stoney Education Authority
Tsuu Tina Education
St Mary’s U
University of Calgary

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