Structured Word Inquiry: A 'How To' Story of Practice (Grades 4-9)
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Structured Word Inquiry: A 'How To' Story of Practice (Grades 4-9)
Presented by: Jenny Lam & Lindsay Sanden
Located at: Online
About the Session

Target Audience: Grades 4-9 teachers are encouraged to attend.

Structured Word Inquiry is an approach that guides students through investigation of how words connect through their origins, structure, and word parts. The more students understand the origins of a word, the more they understand the meaning behind it. Dr. Peter Bowers (Founder of WordWorks Literacy Centre) approach supports spelling as well as vocabulary and comprehension development. For example, through the students’ scientific exploration process of a word in science, such as ‘photosynthesis’. They learn to break it into two parts, "photo" and "synthesis’, this increases their awareness of morphology and how transferrable word parts are from one subject to the next. Join a grade six teacher and middle school literacy intervention teacher, both from Golden Hills School District, for a peek into how they first implemented Structured Word Inquiry with their whole class, as well as  small intervention groups. View video demonstrations and leave with tangible ways to start embedding SWI into any of the subjects you teach.

About the Presenter(s)

Jenny Lam is currently a literacy intervention teacher with Golden Hills School Division. She has been in this role for 4 years, working with struggling readers from Grades 4 – 9. Her interest in literacy started when she began studying linguistics at the University of Alberta.  Her role includes direct daily intervention to small groups of students. As well, Jenny supports and collaborates with classroom teachers by providing unique strategies such as those proven to strengthen students' subject specific vocabulary.

Lindsay Sanden is currently teaching LA to Grade 6 with Golden Hills School Division. She was first introduced to SWI (Structured Word Inquiry) while teaching at the Calgary Girls Charter School and loved how it merged inquiry-based teaching practice with literacy. She has taught and used SWI in grade 4 through to grade 8 and she believes it offers many entry points to students from ESL learners to those students who need to be challenged in their academics. 

Fee: $20.00

Registration Notes:

This session will be recorded and available to registered participants for 30 days after the session.

All session times are Moutain Time.