Coaching with Diversity in Mind
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Coaching with Diversity in Mind
Presented by: Krystal Abrahamowicz, Donna Ross, Kim Tackaberry & Wanda Dechant
Located at: St. Leo Centre
6220 Lakeview Drive SW, Calgary, AB
About the Session


Student variability is the rule, not the exception!! With such a high number of students in need of considerations, accommodations, and additional supports, how do Learning Leaders guide educators in designing for diversity in a manageable way?

If you are a Learning Leader looking for guidance on how to coach with distinction, CRC is offering you an opportunity to collaborate, explore, and practice designing for diversity in ways that are manageable and evidence informed. This 5 part series will support learning over time through a Collaborative Community where you will learn about and create conditions in your schools/classrooms that incorporate strength based approaches to building resilient, capable, achieving students.

We will:




Topics for Exploration in this Collaborative Community Include:

  • Mental Health - Every student, every day, can benefit from teachers who are knowledgeable about how to set the stage for learning in ways that are accessible for all learners by design. We will explore ways to support teachers in being proactive about providing students with multiple pathways to prepare for learning, engage in learning, and demonstrate understanding that are brain friendly, strength based, manageable, and supportive of student well being.

  • Indigenous Ways of Knowing -Essential coaching strategies for supporting the learning experiences of all students using resources that accurately reflect and demonstrate the strength and diversity of Alberta’s Indigenous people will be shared. Strategies for learning from story, learning from land, and cultural experiences will be shared.

  • Literacy - Imagine using fishing wire to string together a mosaic of ways that literature can unite your students and instill confidence in them to celebrate their unique gifts. We will explore how this mosaic can maintain its strength through strategic coaching from a reading, writing, listening and speaking perspective.

  • Numeracy - Numeracy is more than just math, but it has a mathematical component to it. We will look at practical and manageable ways to differentiate math in grades K - 12 while we keep our eye on that larger concept of Numeracy.

This learning opportunity is being offered through curriculum implementation funding from Alberta Education.

About the Presenter(s)

Krystal Abrahamowicz is a Designer of Professional Learning with the Calgary Regional Consortium.  In this role, she authored the Supporting High School Completion a Tool Kit for Success resource and had a key role in developing the Implementation and Planning Tool in the Government of Alberta Resource Working Together to Support Mental Health in Alberta Schools, as well as the ARPDC Weaving Ways resource which supports teachers in including Indigenous knowledge systems in their practice. Previous to this, she spent over 10 years as a Teacher, Student Services Specialist, and then Student Services Coordinator at Westmount Charter School. With extensive background and training in gifted education, and many years of experience in designing support plans for diverse learners, Krystal is a passionate believer that every student can experience success at school.

Donna Ross is currently contracted with the Calgary Regional Consortium to provide Education for Reconciliation and Foundational Knowledge of Alberta’s First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people. She brings a strong understanding of literacy and storytelling from an Indigenous perspective.

Kim Tackaberry is a Designer of Professional Learning with the Calgary Regional Consortium. Her areas of focus include literacy and inclusive education. Kim’s teaching career spans over 28 years, ten as a classroom teacher at Foothills Academy Society, a school specializing in children with Learning Disabilities and ADHD. Kim has designed several e-learning courses for teachers, titles include Learning Disabilities and Introduction to Literacy and Numeracy Progressions. She is passionate about coaching educators, particularly when they are focused on supporting struggling readers. Apart from the Founder, Dr. Rick Freeze, she is the sole Precision Reading presenter in North America.

Wanda Dechant is a Designer of Professional Learning with the Calgary Regional Consortium.  Her role includes supporting teachers, E.A.’s, school admin, learning coaches and parents in the area of K-12 Math. Wanda began teaching math and science in 2000, her teaching experience extends from grades 7 – 12.  For the past 6 years Wanda’s work has included a focus on K-6 Mathematics.  Three critical aspects of learning that Wanda embeds into her sessions include:

  • Increasing student (and teacher) self-confidence in math
  • Students engaging in visible learning with their peers
  • Students as mathematicians

Wanda is part of the development team for the Elementary Math Professional Learning project.


Fee: $100.00

Includes: Light Snacks