Visualizing Mathematics in Grade 7-12
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Visualizing Mathematics in Grade 7-12
Presented by: Dave Martin
Located at: St. Leo Centre
6220 Lakeview Drive SW, Calgary, AB
About the Session


Visualization is one of seven critical components that students must encounter in a mathematics program in order to achieve the goals of mathematics education and embrace lifelong learning in mathematics.  This process also allows students to develop mastery learning through a rigorous and relevant curriculum.

Deep learning is about making connections.  In “Visible Learning in Mathematics”, the research supports that the instructional sequence of moving from physical representations through visual representations to symbolic representations leads to significant gains in learning and understanding (Hattie, Fisher, Frey, 2017).   This session highlights the importance of and the ways in which we can support visualization. Sometimes we move from concrete right to abstract and skip over visualization. Going through the operations around fractions and solving algebraic equations, you can learn how powerful visualization can be, even at the high school level.

Students will develop the "Multiply by reciprocal" procedure for dividing fractions without telling them!!! This transfers into solving algebraic equations in High School.

This learning opportunity is being offered through curriculum implementation funding from Alberta Education.

About the Presenter(s)

Dave Martin has a Master of Mathematics, a Bachelor's degree in Education, and most importantly a Love for Learning. Throughout his career, he has challenged many traditional educational practices such as homework, tests, and even grading. Currently as a Division Math/Science Lead Teacher, Dave has the opportunity to learn with teachers, and students, from Pre K - Grade 12. You will find Dave tinkering with code, playing with mathematics, or counting by prime numbers.

Fee: $50.00

Includes: Light Lunch