Help! My Junior High Students Won't Stop Reading (Calgary)
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Help! My Junior High Students Won't Stop Reading (Calgary)
Presented by: Sonja Howatt
Located at: FFCA - Learning Centre
110 - 7000 Railway St. SE, Calgary, AB
Presented by: Sonja Howatt
Located at: Online
About the Session


Imagine, for a moment, you look around your Junior High/High School classroom and every student is completely engaged in a book of their choice. When it is time to drag them away from their books, they thoughtfully choose a 'Theme Response Book' to write about the connections they noticed. Think you’re dreaming? This could be your new reality!  Join us for a ‘Book Love’ series, in anticipation of Penny Kittle’s full day session in Calgary on April 12th. We will begin by exploring ‘why students won’t read what we assign’ and leave with the knowledge of how to ‘nurture independent readers in a classroom community’. Join us to experience practical and effective methodslearn from experienced facilitators and engage in conversation with colleagues as to how we can increase our teens time spent reading.

Note: You are not required to register for Penny Kittle in order to join our Book Love Series.

This learning opportunity is being offered through curriculum implementation funding from Alberta Education.

About the Presenter(s)

Sonja Howatt has been working for Canadian Rockies Public Schools for twenty years. During this time, Sonja has coordinated and ran an Outreach Program focused on at-risk youth. She also started and ran the summer school program for several years. Sonja was seconded to the school board for two years and in this role was able to travel to Finland and Norway as part of OECD conferences that addressed how to prepare our youth for this exponentially changing world. Currently, Sonja teaches grade 8 social studies and language arts and is interested in how to support students that struggle with literacy at this level. She has also been involved in developing a new report card using competencies.

Fee: $35.00