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Introduction to Self-Regulation - A More Helpful Way to Understand and Respond to Student Behaviour

Presented By

Kim Smith, MScEd, OCT, (she/her)

Series Sessions

Date Time
Wednesday, October 18, 2023 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM



Target Audience: All teachers, pre-service teachers, instructional leaders, educational assistants, administrators, guidance counsellors and support staff are encouraged to attend.

Since the post pandemic return to full-time classroom instruction, educators across Canada have been noticing alarming increases in challenging student behaviour.  And many are finding that the discipline strategies they have used in the past, just aren’t working with some children? How do we deal with this?

In this presentation, Kim Smith Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator & Presenter with The MEHRIT Centre, will introduce Shanker Self-Reg ®, a framework and method that helps adults learn to see, understand and respond to behaviour issues in a new (and more helpful) way. Specifically, Self-Reg helps us see how excess stress affects children’s brain/body systems, which in turn, impairs their listen, learn, exhibit self-control engage optimally in the social relationships that are so central to a positive school experience. Talking points will include:

  • The difference between self-regulation and self-control
  • The impact of excess stress on our brains and bodies
  • The 5 domains of stress and self-regulation
  • The 5 practices of Shanker Self-Reg
  • The critical importance of Reframing (Practice 1), helps us see and respond challenging children in a more helpful and less confrontational way
  • Why the reduction in educator stress, enabled by reframing, is a key first step (and positive outcome) on the road to responding more effectively to the challenging behaviour educators are seeing these days.

According to the MEHRIT Centre’s philosophy: “We are in the midst of a scientific paradigm-revolution in our understanding of the effects of excessive stress on behaviour, social-emotional development, intelligence, empathy, motivation, and character. The theoretical foundation of the Shanker Self-Reg® framework rests on these recent advances in neuroscience, physiology, psychology and clinical practice. The Shanker Method® explores, explains, and applies these new insights in a way that benefits every child, youth, adult and senior.”

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