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5 Ways to Take Literacy for a Walk Outdoors

Lists compiled by Miriam Ramzy, Christina Pickles & Kim Tackaberry

K-Grade 2

  1. Look for letters in your community
  2. Take a step for every word you hear in sentence & sound you hear in a word
  3. Build sight words out of sticks and rocks and dandelion pedals
  4. Read a book outside: K: Rosy’s Walk (Become the hen); 1-2: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (Hunt for a magic pebble)
  5. Play detective: Create a mystery scene on the school yard and invite your students to try to figure out what happened. For example, leave some footprints in dirt or mud with some coins trickled around them. What do the student infer might have happened?

Grades 3-6 

  1. Use sidewalk chalk to create a model in science or a scene from social studies
  2. Invite them to build a Seven Direction Poem outside
  3. Create Inference riddles -Chose an object in nature and write a short riddle about it
  4. Read I am Jackie Robinson. Students create the setting, a baseball diamond, using items they find in nature.
  5. Read Pourquoi legends to students. Then go outside and see if students can come up with their own legends about their community. Share orally with one another. e.g., Why the dandelions turn white and fluffy?  Why the squirrel has a fluffy tail?