How to Use Benchmarks 2.0
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How to Use Benchmarks 2.0
Presented by: Kathy Salmon
Located at: Online
About the Session

Target Audience: preK-12 teachers and administrators are encouraged to attend.

Session #1 - December 6

In this practical session participants will use the new Benchmarks 2.0 to assess English language proficiency competencies Vocabulary, Sentence Structure and Cohesive Devices in Writing, Reading and Speaking and Listening.


Session#2 December 13

Following learning how to assess using Benchmarks 2.0, participants will learn how to use the supporting competencies to further understand other aspects of proficiency for students acquiring English as an Additional language to inform instruction. Next participants will use the Benchmarks to consider programming implications by proficiency as well as reporting and communicating language proficiency to students and parents.

About the Presenter(s)

Kathy Salmon was one of the principle writers for Benchmarks 2.0 and Benchmarks 1.0. She recently completed a two-year secondment at Alberta Education where she and her team partner developed Benchmarks 2.0. As a school principal supporting a diverse learning community of 77% EAL learners, Kathy recognizes the importance of understanding how English language proficiency connects to curricular content learning. Kathy has her M. Ed TESL and is currently in the final stages of Education Doctorate degree with a focus on Effective Teaching for EAL learners.

Fee: $30.00

Registration Notes:

This series will be recorded and available to all registrants for 30 days after the session occurs.

All session times are Mountain Time.

Optional: For session 1 and 2 participants can consider using a writing sample, reading assessment, speaking transcript and/or observational notes to assess using Benchmarks 2.0. If not writing samples, speaking samples and reading assessments on the Supporting English Language Learners site on Learn Alberta will be used.

Optional: For session 2 participants can consider the content and concepts of an upcoming unit of study to identify language and determine instructional implications for task design and proficiency of learners.