Culturally Responsive Strategies for Engaging Cultural and Linguistic Diverse Families in Their Children’s Mathematics Learning
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Culturally Responsive Strategies for Engaging Cultural and Linguistic Diverse Families in Their Children’s Mathematics Learning
Presented by: Dr. Kwesi Yaro
Located at: Online
About the Session

TARGET AUDIENCE: All K-12 Math Teachers, Administrators, Learning Coaches

Generally, immigrants from various cultures and linguistic backgrounds bring their lived experiences from their home countries. Although relevant, their experiences are mostly not aligned with the educational or schooling culture of the host country. In this interactive session, I will share an aspect of a larger research study that investigated African immigrant and refugee families' experiences and perspectives on their children's (10-15-year-old) mathematics learning in the home, community and school settings in the Greater Vancouver area. Drawing on the research findings, I will provide several examples of ways African immigrants and refugee families’ from Sub-Saharan Africa leverage their cultural capital, ways of knowing and other situated activities and practices in support of their young children’s mathematics learning in the Canadian context. It is my hope that this session will encourage attendees to reflect on and discuss with each other & the presenter ways to build culturally responsive mathematics education informed by immigrant students and families’ funds of knowledge/cultural capital.

About the Presenter(s)

Dr. Kwesi Yaro has PhD in Curriculum studies specializing in Mathematics Education from the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. He also has a Master of Arts (MA) in Mathematics Education from UBC and a B.Ed. (Mathematics focus) from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Prior to joining University of Alberta, Dr. Yaro taught both elementary and secondary mathematics methodology courses as well as supervised teacher candidates on teaching practice within UBC’s Teacher Education Program. Dr. Yaro’s experience is enriched by an extensive background experience as a mathematics teacher in the Ghanaian public education system, and community engagement through mathematics and science outreach activities with various schools and key stakeholder institutions in the Canadian context. Dr. Yaro is a certified professional teacher in Ghana as well as in British Columbia (BC) and Prince Edward Island (PEI).


Dr. Yaro's work is inspired by principles of cultural sustainability, social justice, and inclusion and grounded in humanitarianism in practice, a core tenet of Afrocentric paradigm that is guided by the Ubuntu philosophy (I am because you are: You are because I am) and manifests in the deployment of the “utu” – that of human which is caring and uplifting of every other being. Dr. Yaro uses this lens to investigate and understand the role continental and diasporic African parents play in their children’s mathematics learning. Through this broad research program, Dr. Yaro hopes to contribute to knowledge and insights that can guide teachers and other educators towards a more culturally responsive mathematics curriculum and pedagogy. His most recent publication “Situated perspectives on creating mathematics tasks for peace and sustainability” in Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (CJSMTE), is an exemplar of Dr. Yaro's research interest.

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