High School: How to Improve Written Response through Building Math Communities and Student Engagement
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High School: How to Improve Written Response through Building Math Communities and Student Engagement
Presented by: Jocelynn Vryenhoek & Wanda Dechant
Located at: Online
About the Session

Target Audience: Gr. 10-12 teachers, coaches, school administration

Would you like your students to be more successful on the Written Response section of their grade 12 diploma?  

Students’ ability to solve problems develops over time as a result of their experiences with relevant situations that present opportunities to solve various types of problems. Evidence of problem-solving skills is often linked to clarity of communication. Students demonstrating strong problem-solving skills should be able to clearly explain the process they have chosen, using appropriate language and correct mathematical notation and conventions.  (Alberta Education 30-1 General Bulletin)

Preparation for good problem solving starts before Jr. High and develops and grows throughout High School.  For students to persevere with problem solving they must be willing to engage and become active  learners.   

In this series, we will look at how to set up a math culture that supports problem solving and engagement, ways to embed problem solving within your class, and take a deeper dive from an Alberta Education perspective.   

Common themes that will be explored include:

  • Building a Math Community 
  • Increasing Student Engagement
  • Persevering with Problem Solving   
  • Communicating student understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Engaging through the Mathematical Processes
  • Supporting Mental Wellness
About the Presenter(s)

Jocelynn Vryenhoek is a Math Consultant for Calgary Catholic School Division and has taught gr. 7-12 math for 20+ years.   Jocelynn has a way of bringing the content to life in a practical, academic and relatable way.

Wanda Dechant is a Designer of Professional Learning with the Calgary Regional Consortium.  Her role includes supporting teachers, E.A.s, school admin, learning coaches and parents in K-12 Math and Numeracy. Wanda began teaching math and science in 2000, her teaching experience extends from grades 7 – 12.  For the past 7 years Wanda’s work has included a major focus on K-6 Mathematics.  Three critical aspects of learning that Wanda embeds into her work include:

  • Student and teacher self-confidence in math
  • Students and teachers making their thinking visible to themselves and to each other
  • Students and teachers as mathematicians - let’s do the math

Fee: $60.00

Registration Notes:

This series will be recorded and available to all registrants for 30 days after the session occurs.

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