Supporting Students in Grade 4-9 Math as an Educational Assistant
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Supporting Students in Grade 4-9 Math as an Educational Assistant
Presented by: Wanda Dechant
Located at: Online
About the Session


Join us for a 3-part series supporting Educational Assistants in math and numeracy.  In this series we will explore the questions and content below with the aim of increasing our own mathematical ability, confidence and willingness, so that we can support students in doing the same.    

Part 1:  Mathematical Mindset

  • What is your own Mathematical Mindset and why does knowing this matter? 
  • What are some of your students’ histories with math?
  • What does it mean to be good at math?
  • Talking math:  Language matters.

Part 2:  Supporting Students’ Perseverance in Problem Solving

  • How are you already building relationships?
  • How to make your own thinking visible?
  • What to do when you don’t know what to do.
  • How do you know if a student actually understands and is not just blindly following some steps?

Part 3:  Open to suggestions from within the group.   Possible topics include:

  • Increasing our own confidence/knowledge in numeracy related to a specific area in math (perhaps the group wants to look at multiplication, or fractions, or algebra, or visualization, or reasoning, or estimation, etc.)
  • How to use certain manipulatives/visuals  (multilink cubes for multiplication, strategies for understanding long division, Cuisenaire Rods,  algebra-tiles,  etc)
About the Presenter(s)

Wanda Dechant is a Designer of Professional Learning with the Calgary Regional Consortium.  Her role includes supporting teachers, E.A.s, school admin, learning coaches and parents in K-12 Math and Numeracy. Wanda began teaching math and science in 2000, her teaching experience extends from grades 7 – 12.  For the past 7 years Wanda’s work has included a major focus on K-6 Mathematics.  Three critical aspects of learning that Wanda embeds into her work include:

  • Student and teacher self-confidence in math
  • Students and teachers making their thinking visible to themselves and to each other
  • Students and teachers as mathematicians - let’s do the math

Fee: $60.00