Teen Mentoring in Schools: Mentoring in Schools 101
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Teen Mentoring in Schools: Mentoring in Schools 101
Presented by: Caroline Gosling
Located at: Online
About the Session

Are you looking for a way to develop healthy relationships, and leadership for your students while also supporting their mental wellbeing? As we return to schools many students will be feeling disconnected and disengaged. Teen mentoring can help to create connections and has been shown to increase academic achievement, positive mental health and decrease unhealthy behaviours in both the 'mentor' and 'mentee'.

The objective of this Collaborative Community is to support regional and provincial networks of school-based mentoring educators and mentoring organisations and to provide the framework for a sustainable teen mentoring network. 

For this purpose, supported by a grant from an anonymous funder in partnership with the Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP), AMP is offering a variety of opportunities to develop and strengthen teen mentoring in schools. This includes:

October 20th Mentoring in Schools Summit - Supporting Adolescent Mental Health Through Strengthening Webs of Support  

Teen Mentoring in Schools Collaborative Community Network Series (North Cohort)

Teen Mentoring in Schools Collaborative Community Network Series (South Cohort)

In addition to the ongoing cohort series, AMP is also offering a number of stand- alone sessions based on feedback from past participants. These are not in the cohort series, so that people can attend to hear about the underlying premise of the cohort, or gain a deeper understanding of a particular topic. Each of these registrations is separate from both the cohort series as well as each other.

Session 1: Mentoring in Schools 101 (resources will be reviewed) - Sept 22
Canadian research has found girls who were mentored were 2 times less likely to be depressed; boys and girls were 2 times and 3 times, respectively, less likely to have social anxiety; girls & boys were 2 times less likely to exhibit conduct problems. During this webinar we will look at different forms of mentoring in schools, both formal and informal including intergenerational mentoring, teen mentoring, virtual mentoring, Career and Technology Studies credits and natural supports. Ideas for how to incorporate or enhance mentoring of all types in your school will be shared. Participants will learn about the Alberta Mentoring Partnership and the resources available to help support mentoring in schools.

Session 2: Webs of Support & Other Forms of Informal Mentoring - December 2021 

Session 3: Intergenerational Mentoring in Schools - February 23, 2022 

Session 4: Planning Your Mentoring Initiative - May 3, 2022 

About the Presenter(s)

Caroline Gosling recently retired after 35 years as an educator with Edmonton Public Schools. During that time she taught at elementary, junior and senior high, was a behaviour consultant, a principal at four different schools and spent time seconded to both Alberta Children's Services and Alberta Education with a focus on supporting students who are vulnerable and creating welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments. During her last secondment Caroline's main area of focus was mentoring, including supporting the Alberta Mentoring Partnership and setting up a Corporate Mentoring initiative at Alberta Education. For the last five years, Caroline has been a Big Sister and learned about mentoring from the 'inside'.

Fee: $10.00

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