Unpacking Curriculum for our Diverse Learners
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Unpacking Curriculum for our Diverse Learners
Presented by: Tracey MacNeil
Located at: Online
About the Session


In the spirit of UdL and developing conceptual understanding, these sessions will offer a practical tool/template for teachers to use for planning, differentiation, SEL and assessment.  The goal is to infuse a Knowledge & Employability approach to ensure our many diverse learners are able to make meaning from current curriculum and school-based programming.  The unpacking tool/template can be used globally for unit planning or in a targeted way to plan for individual student needs.

Session 1 – the WHY 

Session 2 – the WHO

Session 3 – the WHERE & WHEN 

Session 4 – the NOW WHAT?

About the Presenter(s)

Tracey MacNeil is a current Division One Foothills School Division teacher.  In her almost 20-year career, she has taught from Kindergarten to Grade Nine in both the French Immersion and English streams.  She enjoys keeping up with best practice in her work and believes that community is the strongest foundation for a successful classroom.  One husband, two teenagers and three dogs make up her household, and she is an avid outrigger canoe paddler.

Fee: $80.00