Hearsay Games AdaptaDeck - 6 Instructional Literacy Games in One Box
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Hearsay Games AdaptaDeck - 6 Instructional Literacy Games in One Box
Presented by: Stacey Rayment & Carol Lenfesty
Located at: FFCA - Learning Centre
110 - 7000 Railway St. SE, Calgary, AB
About the Session


Rethinking early literacy to align with brain function and cognitive skills is imperative. We can start by engaging students in phonemic awareness exploration with language first, WITHOUT LETTERS! 

Join this interactive literacy games session and become immersed in games that are easily integrated into classrooms to develop foundational literacy skills, working memory, processing speed and peer coaching.   Participation in games will ensure mastery and automaticity of skills needed to impact reading, writing and spelling. These games are designed to engage students with a  high interest, multi-sensory approach to promote success and independence for all literacy levels.   

Enhanced literacy development, before or along with, a focus on letters is worthy of conversation.  Bring your questions, strategies, research, along with an open mind, to discuss the following:

  • Research steps/skills involved in teaching literacy
  • Foundational skill development at any age – it is never too late!
  • student literacy skills with a focus on sounds


About the Presenter(s)

Stacey Rayment has 30 years of teaching pre-school to adult students in classrooms and private practice including: ESL, high needs and LD.  Educational advocate on behalf of parents and children practical application of Psych. Ed assessments at home and school.  Mother of 3 adult children who have learning disabilities.  Certified in a new innovative scientifically developed program: The Milan Method is the only multisensory program to promote reading, writing and spelling through the foundational skill of phonemic awareness (PA).  The scientific support for PA skills is undeniable, division one classroom teachers are eradicate reading struggles faced by over 30% of students.

Carol Lenfesty has 20 years classroom teaching experience, specializing in reading, mathematics, and multi-grade ESL.  She had the privilege of homeschooling her own 4 children and tutored and mentored other students throughout this same time.

She has recently modified her career path to concentrate her studies on educational therapy, solid sound and syllable progressions in reading, and intervention for those who may have vulnerable areas in their pre-reading and math skills development. It is imperative that students have access to a variety of resources and methods to ensure they are afforded the opportunity to build or rebuild on a solid base and advance as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Rewiring and strengthening weaknesses in the brain that may get in the way of real understanding is essential to develop independent life-long learners.  Once learners know HOW and WHAT to learn in sequential steps, they exhibit confidence and competence and become the best they can be.   

In her work with HearSay Games, she hopes to share her passion for reading and learning through conversations that will assist in producing meaningful and productive activities and lessons for students of all ages.

Fee: $85.00

Includes: Level One Hearsay Card Deck and Lunch