Mon Réseau, Ma Vie : Confidence in French Begins With Purposeful Language Learning!
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NR.OLEP20.016 Mon Réseau, Ma Vie : Confidence in French Begins With Purposeful Language Learning!
Presented by: Kelly Ronan
Located at: Online
About the Session

Kelly Ronan, Digital Education Consultant for Pearson Canada, will describe the features and components of the new FSL resource Mon reseau, ma vie 1 et 2 (Grade 7 and 8). She will also give a demonstration of the online components of the program.


Self-confident students tend to face situations head-on and be risk takers. They see a purpose in their learning and view learning in a positive light.

Mon réseau, ma vie is designed to empower students with confidence in learning and using French. The program is function-driven and based on purposeful, action-oriented tasks set in a variety of authentic contexts, which students face in their daily lives.

Developed for Adolescent Learners Taking Core French, Mon réseau, ma vie features authentic texts that help students engage in relevant, meaningful communication in French. Mon réseau, ma vie is linked to the CEFR Learner’s Profile: A1+ to A2- Learners at this level are considered beginners. They can simply describe aspects about themselves, their immediate lives, their environment, and the people and things connected to it.

Mon réseau, ma vie tasks are action-oriented and focus on A1+ to A2- language functions in a variety of specific contexts.

Learners act as social agents to complete tasks in authentic contexts intended to expand their knowledge and skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Throughout the modules, learners incorporate new and familiar language, think about strategies for successfully communicating ideas, and consider polite and culturally inclusive interactions with their peers. Hand-outs provided!

About the Presenter(s)

Kelly Ronan Digital Education Consultant for Pearson Canada

Fee: $25.00

Registration Notes:

All those within the FLRC partnership who attend this session will receive a licence to this amazing resource. 

Tous ceux en partenariat  avec le CRLF qui assisteront à cette session recevront une licence pour cette ressource incroyable.

Teachers from School Jurisdictions within the FLRC partnership can submit to FLRC to be reimbursed for the $25 registration fee

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