Who's the Boss? Executive Functioning, LD and ADHD
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Who's the Boss? Executive Functioning, LD and ADHD
Presented by: Tanya Keto
Located at: FFCA - Learning Centre
110 - 7000 Railway St. SE, Calgary, AB
About the Session


Executive Functions (EF) are mental processes that help to connect past experience with present action to guide goal-directed behaviour. We all have strengths and weaknesses in our executive functions; however, individuals with ADHD and LD may experience increased difficulty in the development and use of these functions compared to their typical same-aged peers. These functions underlie activities such as planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details, and managing time and space. When students struggle in these areas, it can result in behaviours that are often labelled as  “attention seeking”, “defiant”, “showing off”, “unmotivated” or “lazy”, “emotional overreactions”, and “inflexible”, just to name a few.

Teaching students with executive functioning issues can be challenging, and understanding the how and why of EF deficits can significantly impact how we work with these students. This session will increase teacher’s knowledge of how EF deficits impact learning and what teachers can do to maximize the success of these students. With a focus on cognitive neuroscience research and brain-based strategies that teachers can use to increase student engagement, motivation, and self-management, teachers will learn what EF is; development of EF; how EF deficits impact students and classroom dynamics; and how to best support students with EF deficits.

This learning opportunity is being offered through curriculum implementation funding from Alberta Education.

About the Presenter(s)

Tanya Keto Tanya Keto is a Provisional Psychologist at Foothills Academy Society with a focus on assessment and intervention for students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD. Since 2004, Tanya has been a teacher, a student services specialist, and a guidance counsellor for students with special needs ranging from Kindergarten through to adulthood. She has an extensive background in supporting diverse learners, conducting cognitive and academic assessments, and providing intervention and consultation to support exceptional learners. As a mother of an 12-year-old with ADHD and an LD in Math, she is a passionate advocate for students and a collaborative resource for parents and teachers.

Fee: $50.00

Includes: Light Lunch