Environmental Stewardship in CTF: The 'Ready To Use' CAWST Challenge
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Environmental Stewardship in CTF: The 'Ready To Use' CAWST Challenge
Presented by: Stephanie Southgate
Located at: Foundations for the Future Charter Academy
8710 Ancourt Rd. SE, Calgary, AB
About the Session


Learn how to teach the Environmental Stewardship stream of CTF using a free action-based program developed by CAWST, the Centre for Affordable Water & Sanitation Technology.

SAVE PLANNING TIME: the curriculum is ready to go and makes teaching CTF fun and motivational!

SEE EXAMPLES of the amazing projects students have implemented to address issues of water sustainability.

CAWST's CTF course is a free online program that enables students to deepen their understanding of water and sanitation issues facing communities in developing countries, as well as within the context of their own local environment.

Environmental Stewardship in water is taught by hearing youth stories of community development from Zambia and Nepal, and locally by connecting youth with regional water experts in their own community. Students work in groups to develop an action project to address a water challenge of their choosing. CAWST and its local partners provide resources and support for students to take meaningful action (including funding) and expose students to careers in water.

This session will walk you through how to use the online course, and introduce some of the hands-on activities which are used throughout the unit.

This learning opportunity is being offered through curriculum implementation funding from Alberta Education.

About the Presenter(s)

Stephanie Southgate has a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from the UK and a BA in International Development with experience in India (investigating the role of female education as a tool of empowerment).  Her career started as a classroom teacher and has since moved into the realm of environmental education. She has diverse experience in developing and delivering educational programs and is passionate about international development.

Fee: $15.00

Registration Notes:

Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop to this session.